K’ya Street Fare & Bar, Anaheim – YUM!

While staying at the Hotel Menage, we dined a couple times, at K’ya Street Fare & Bar. When visiting Disneyland and seeking a nearby locale for good, and cheap eats, this is the place to go.

As we arrived a bit too early (read: way too early) to check in, we stopped in for breakfast. I had the Loco Moco (the Hawaiian Classic) ($8), which was surprisingly delicious!

I’m not a fan of hamburger steaks, let alone having them done up medium rare, etc., and I felt the dish hardly needed the hamburger meat as the eggs, gravy and sticky rice were great. (I thought Hawaiians were more into Spam anyways?) Word for the wise: they serve the loco moco at dinner for $6; I didn’t try it, but it seems to be the same dish.

Tom picked up the Eggs Benny ($10). I personally thought the sauce was a bit too buttery for my liking.

As I had previously heard about the restaurant, our goal was to try many dishes but keep our meals at around $20, which is a total steal compared to some of the wild prices of meals over at Disney. Apologies, our first night we were starved and gobbled away the ‘Chimichurri Beef’ (Miami – $10) and Chicken Katsu (Honolulu – $5) before I remembered to snap some photos. The Chimichurri beef was a complete disappointment as the spices seemed a bit off, and the side items (sticky rice, cabbage) repeated itself with the Chicken Katsu. For $5, the Katsu was worth it. Pass on the Chimichurri Beef.

I did, though, snap some photos, of the Cucumber Namasu (Tokyo – $3) and Grilled Vegetables (Korea Town – $4). Both good, and great veggie side dishes.

The next day, we decided to do take out and munch by the pool. I am not sure if the restaurant serves to the pool, but we saw drinks come out from the bar. Getting the take out was easy (approx 20 minutes). As we were staying there it was handy to have them call up to our room when it was ready.

I was dying to try the Brie and Proscuitto Sandwich (Paris – $6) and was somewhat disappointed. Not sure if it was a combination of the heat outside and the cheese, oh well.

Sticking with the sandwich theme, Tom picked the French Dip Sandwich (Paris – $7) and it was fantastic. Even though it has swiss cheese – maybe it’s not a heat/cheese thing with the Brie & Proscuitto.. We were given 2 small containers of au jus and it was the perfect amount!

I had heard the French Fries with Basil Aioli (Paris – $3) were delicious so we gave it a try. It’s essentially McDonalds fries with a garlic dip. I wouldn’t have it again. There is a fair amount, so could be good for kids.

Being one of the cheaper salads, we had the Hearts of Palm – Papaya salad (Honolulu – $4). The toasted almonds and papaya seed dressing were phenomenal, although I am unsure if the papaya was fresh or not.. I doubt it. This dish turned out to be one of my favorites.

Some other dishes we tried: The Gumbo (New Orleans – $5), great sauce, good taste, overall filling but not too hearty. Good deal.

The fish and chips (Miami Beach – $6) were alright, but not to die for. The Pollock is their fish of choice, as you will see we had the same fish in our tacos. The Pollock seems to crumble and fall apart, while the batter is more greasy than crispy.

Here are the Fish Tacos (Los Angeles – $3). For the price, quite a steal, and I thought the Pollock went much better in the Tacos rather than by themselves for the Fish & Chips.

Here is the Chicken Nachos ($5). I didn’t have too much of this and can’t really comment.

Here is another shot of my fave Hearts of Palm – Papaya Salad ($4). We had this a couple of times after we discovered it on the menu.

We also tried the BBQ Beef Short Rib (Chicago – $9). It’s a bowl of cheddar mashed potatoes and 1 large short rib which is quite tasty – well cooked, fall off the bone type.

I’d like to add we were there on Valentine’s day. There was an offering for a 3 course meal, but after looking at the selection we opted for some dishes and were much happier with what we got (plus, at the $20 total mark rather than $30/person). It was a nice touch that I was told to pick some roses for our table and to go.

Great place, I would highly recommend visiting K’ya Street Fare & Bar if you’re in the area or at Disneyland. It’s a close 10 – 12 minute walk away and is delicious and affordable. If you’re still unsure, try them at Happy Hour (4 – 7PM daily). There is a separate menu of cheap cheap eats!

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2 Responses to “K’ya Street Fare & Bar, Anaheim – YUM!”
  1. CamAmateur says:

    what a beautiful blog unlike most other sites with all the spam i had to read today

  2. Kathryn Brunette says:

    Problem is these reviews are sooo dated! We go to k’ya Bistro, Laguna Beach, 4:30-5:30 TRULY a “happy hr.” $6 merlot, $10 plate [petit filet mignon/4-5 oz.& side dish]. We are picky about ambience, crowds, food quality & presentation. We sat at bar, watched Angels BB, beach classy/casual. We anticipate k’ya Anaheim to be comparable – however it sounds like a “touristy Vegas” buffet. May still drop in to “test the waters…errr…tapas I mean…! Really great blog-thank you for the photos too.

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