Hash House a Go Go – (Really) Twisted Farm Food – San Diego


A friend told me about the place as she knew I would be visiting the San Diego Zoo on my trip. She had seen it on chef vs. city (I still haven’t seen the episode) and said something along the lines of waffles stuffed with bacon, tower of chicken, and of course, eggs. Needless to say, I had to try it.

After looking up the location, its literally minutes (5?) by car away from the San Diego Zoo. We found parking down the street (meter parking), adding our names to the waiting list, and were seated in about 10 minutes. Keeping in mind that it was a Thursday morning around 11, I was surprised we had to wait. This was until I got inside. Nothing could have prepared me for the walk to our table. The dishes were massive and packed in breakfast goodness!

After deciding we would share the “Sage Fried Chicken stacked with our famous bacon waffle, hot maple caramel reduction and crowned with fried leeks” (says $16.95 on their menu online, but was actually $19.95 on their restaurant menu), Tom opted to add the “Blueberry Pecan Flapjack” ($8.95 on their menu online, but was actual $7.95 at the restaurant).

We didn’t even notice, but our meal arrived without the bacon waffle!

Our waitress, mortified, brought out the waffle separately. It was then we realized the impossibility of finishing the meal.

If you look closely you can see some bacon hanging out from inside the waffle. What a great idea! Overall, I have no complaints. EVERYTHING, and I mean, everything was flavorful, well cooked, and delicious! What an amazing find.

Of course, we ended up leaving with 2 boxes of take out (bacon mashed potatoes in one, and the bacon waffle in the other), which was still delicious as snack at the Zoo. If you’re in the area, or from the area, I would highly recommend it.

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