Red Lobster – Point Loma, San Diego, CA – No thanks

Red Lobster in Point Loma, San Diego, is mediocre at best.

We were led this way as it was near our hotel and our nifty GPS let us in on the dinner for 2 at $29.99. How wrong can you go? Meal includes 1 starter OR 1 dessert, 2 salads (green or caesar) and 2 meals (variety). We opted to start with the mushroom caps, 1 green and 1 caesar salad, and the shrimp and scallop linguine and peach bourbon chicken.

The mushroom caps were steaming hot and quite good. The filling wasn’t overpowering, yet had a slight tinge of crab taste which I liked. I thought the portion size was just right, although I would have liked an alternative to cornbread at our table to soak up some of the sauce.

I asked for Italian dressing with the green salad and thought both salads (green and caesar) was a bit over doused in dressing. If you’re a bit picky, ask for the dressing on the side.

I was starved and was initially very happy with the linguine, which included a good amount of (formerly frozen) scallop and shrimp. Quite average for a linguine, until I noticed that there was an overwhelming amount of butter on my dish. I know you need to add butter for the sauce, but really? Not so impressed.

The peach bourbon chicken was Tom’s pick and it was quite good! There really was a tinge of peach which was surprising and refreshing. Probably the best dish of the night.

Wanted to include my attempt at a butter shot. This is after I had blotted the plate with a napkin AND a piece of corn bread.

Overall, I would not return and not recommend this to anybody. For the price, it was okay – there were several couples around us who ordered the same $29.99 meal, but there are so many alternatives! Try Phil’s BBQ instead.

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2 Responses to “Red Lobster – Point Loma, San Diego, CA – No thanks”
  1. Jason says:

    I felt that the food is ok…But it was very expensive… Maybe thats what you tried to imply ? Did you try any dessert ?

    • katrina says:

      Hi Jason,

      I was mainly put off by the linguine. I thought $29.99 for 2 was quite reasonable, but will probably not return if there are better options (price and food quality wise). We didn’t get any dessert. Did you go recently?

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