Mykonos Greek Restaurant – Bellingham Airport Lunch

Flying from Bellingham, WA instead of Vancouver, BC is genius. 1 problem: the airport is tiny and doesn’t have very many options for food in the terminal.

On our stopover, we were recommended to Mykonos by an airport staff member. WARNING: this is NOT walking distance. A cab ride from the terminal to Mykonos is between $5 – 6. Since it’s so close to the airport, cabs are quick and easy to get.

Mykonos is big. We were there mid-day, around 2 or 3 PM, so the restaurant was mostly dead, with a few tourists milling around on the restaurant side, and a couple more people on the bar side. If you’re not into Greek, not to worry! Mykonos also makes prime rib, burgers, seafood, pasta, etc. Take a peek at their menu here

I ordered the Kalamaria meal (w/ greek salad, rice, potatoes). Note: it’s cheaper at lunch.

Honestly, it was just what I needed. Not over the top, but I cannot say that this was the best kalamaria I have ever had.

Tom had the Gyro.

There was a table near us with kids who also had this come out to their table. There’s an option for fries or greek salad which is nice. It seemed to be a fair amount of food, and.. no leftovers!

Overall, I would rate Mykonos as a better than average Greek restaurant, with many options for non Greek food, AND average prices. It seemed a meal around lunch was between $11 – 16, while a peek at the dinner menu looks like it is about $15 – 20/person.

What’s the word for ‘doesn’t rock your world’, but ‘consistently impresses’?

Mykonos Greek Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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